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Our Benchmarking Approach

Expand has a series of distinct benchmarking peer group views – top-down, synthetic, bottom-up – that are utilized in a variety of our analyses. All of our analyses are anonymized and aggregated and the output is presented to match the clients’ organizational structure.


  • Top-down
  • The top-down peer groups provide a holistic comparison against a consistent group of global Tier 1 and regional Tier 2 firms across all major business segments, sub-segments and products
  • Synthetic
  • A best-fit synthetic benchmark that enables the firm to be compared against an aggregated like-for-like peer using independent groupings from each product and/or asset class and then scaled to match the firm’s revenues, volumes or headcount
  • Bottom-up
  • The bottom-up peer groups are derived from product aligned deep-dive benchmarks, where a varying global Group A and regional Group B peer group is defined based on revenues, IT budget, business and IT headcount
  • Client-driven
  • A client driven benchmark view is available to isolate a specific peer group at any level of product or function granularity

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