A BCG Company

Mission, Vision and Values


To be the globally dominant provider of benchmarking data and insights to our Financial Services clients and an organisation that continues to attract, develop, and retain exceptional people.


To support our clients and BCG colleagues through the provision of timely and detailed actionable intelligence through our benchmarking and research activities, and to partner with our clients to support insightful, enduring, and substantial improvements in performance.


Expand embraces diversity, innovation and creativity and recognizes five values and core competencies that apply to everyone. These values underpin the very work that we do. By staying true to our values, Expand will continue to grow and evolve without compromise and ensure we have a rewarding, inspiring place to work.


Integrity – Distinguishing right from wrong and doing the right thing, thereby upholding relationships of trust with our clients. We only make promises we can keep, ensure strict client data confidentiality and perform to the highest standards of quality with honesty, courage and accountability.

Respect for the client and every individual – Respecting colleagues, clients and all people we meet with truthfulness and empathy. In order to foster the greatest ideas and ensure talent growth, we value internal and external ideas and decisions based on their merit and not their source.

Ambassador of the Firm – Understanding, embracing and reinforcing the vision, mission and goals of the Firm, representing the Firm in a professional manner and protecting the Firm’s interest.

Value focused  We aim to deliver tangible and possible change for the client, and set extraordinarily high standards for value creation

Agility  We aim to adapt and respond to change with flexibility and intellectual acuity


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