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Wealth Client Experience

The report seeks to provide insight into how the Wealth Management industry is developing new client experience strategies and to provide a perspective on drivers, models and improvement opportunities.

Who is it for?

CEOs, Heads of Strategy, Heads of Client Experience, Heads of Marketing


  • Annual report


The scope can encompass the entire Wealth Management business or can be customized to isolate a view of the Private Banking or Brokerage divisions.

Why do it?

The program will help provide a common framework for senior management, advisers, marketing, branding, technology and operations in the drive towards a cohesive client experience strategy. Further, it helps to identify opportunities and best practices across Wealth business segments and regions, and to quantify and qualify the holistic client experience strategy, compared to peers.

What you get

  • A key focus of the study is to benchmark firm’s client experience strategies, from understanding sponsorship, commercial framework and investment, through capabilities across the spectrum of channels and client touch points, and importantly the client response
  • The research takes into consideration an assessment of both qualitative and quantitative metrics to help identify key pain points, opportunities and best practice across wealth business segments and regions
  • The program explores client experience strategy in the context of the ‘client journey’ and will cover all major touch-points

Client commitment

To collect the relevant data, Expand will conduct an interview with the sponsor to gain better insight into the client experience department at the firm and send out a questionnaire to better assess capability offerings. Expand will conduct the mapping and modelling of all costs and capabilities a normalized taxonomy used to compare the firm to peers.

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Next Steps

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