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The benchmark is a decision support tool for Market Data demand management and commercial heads, which provides a global Market Data cost and consumption analysis by region, line of business and desk by comparing firms’ cost per user. Consumption and vendor spend analysis is compared against global Tier 1 and regional Tier 2 firms, as well as a synthetic best-fit research group.

Who is it for?

  • CEOs, Heads of Market Data Strategy, CIOs and COOs


  • Annual report


  • Typically focused at the group-level with metrics presented for each line of business (Capital Markets/Wealth & Asset Management/Retail Banking)
  • Analysis of individual vendor product penetration versus peers at a line of business and desk level, including costs per product per user comparisons

Why do it?

The benchmark facilitates actionable cost-saving opportunities by highlighting high levels of data consumption and data spend. Additionally, it provides the ability to understand overall Global Market spend in a business context using revenues, expense, front, middle and back office headcount


What you get

  • Global Market Data analysis includes metrics such as Total Market Data as a percentage of revenues, overall spend per user  by desk, region and by line of business. Tiered user analysis,  total number of users by LOB.
  • Human resourcing strategy; headcount by cost location (high/medium/low), by contract type (staff/contractor/outsourced), average cost per resource by cost location and contract type
  • Business context using metrics on Market Data productivity using staff roles rather than titles.

Client commitment

  • Firms are required to submit extracts from their Market Data inventory systems for the relevant periods in order for Expand to conduct the analysis. Expand will conduct the mapping and modelling of all costs to the normalized taxonomy framework used to compare the firm in coordination with the client

Related products

  • Should be used as a diagnostic tool to identify areas which need further investigation
  • The Global Reference Data Benchmark, UK & US Market Data Forums

Next Steps

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