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Developer Productivity

Expand’s IT Developer Productivity Analysis is an in-depth bespoke offering designed to help firms understand the industry view of developer productivity. Expand has partnered with the top global multinationals from Canary Wharf to Silicon Valley to show how the leading banks, technology firms, and buy-side players are tracking the productivity of their developers, and deliver industry best practices back to the client to maximize value.

Who is it for?

  • IT Strategy teams, CIOs, Technology Team Managers, Heads of Application Development


  • Annual


  • For Financial Services firms, and can be tailored to any level of the organization, from the Group-wide to Asset Class levels.

Why do it?

As the ubiquity of financial technologies such as cloud, machine learning, and robotic process automation continues to grow, understanding the value being driven by application development teams is of continually increasing importance. Tracking raw software output has remained a perennially difficult task, and as the need for technology has grown, so too has the challenge.

As a result, understanding the metrics, inhibitors, and most importantly the drivers of developer productivity has become a critical component of creating an efficient technology enterprise with both creative solutions and the longevity to support the business in the long run.

What you get

  • A comprehensive analysis of the industry view on developer productivity from a traditional financial services perspective as well as a non-traditional technology company perspective. The analysis serves as a health-check of the client’s approach to developer productivity.
  • Additionally, Expand will leverage its industry exposure to suggest practices and tools that synergize with the client’s target operating model.

Next Steps

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